Comprehensive Ongoing Financial Planning

We believe that financial planning is not simply creating a plan based upon a moment in time. Things change, life changes happen, sometimes in ways we cannot anticipate. because of this, I believe the best planning is done over time as life changes allowing a plan to adjust with you.

This option is best for those that desire an ongoing relationship with a CFP® professional to help give ongoing planning, coaching and guidance as you grow and your life and family evolves. This option will be a multi-step process that would involve the following steps that we will tackle together:

  1. First, over a 90 to 120 minute call or meeting, we will explore and understand what money means to you and how it fits into your life and where your values lie. Then we will organize your finances so you have a clear picture of where you currently stand right now. We work together to figure out what matters most to you, and to understand how your income and assets can best support these interests. In addition, we organize your household finances so that you have a clear view of your current status.

  2. Next, we engage in learning more about your financial goals. Let's envision what your short, medium, and long-term goals are. What are your dreams? We will work together to clarify your goals so that they are crystal clear and tangible to everyone involved.

  3. Now that we have a clear understanding of your financial and life goals, our next meeting or call will allow us to focus on creating actionable steps to get you on a path towards meeting those goals. We will tackle these actionable steps based upon priority. We will also be there to help you take action and take as much off your plate as possible, so you can focus on the other things that matter in life. Depending on your goals, your plan may provide guidance in any of the following:

  • Financial Goal Prioritization

  • Income Benchmarking and Gap Analysis

  • Net Worth Statement

  • Cash Flow Analysis

  • Risk Analysis

  • Investment Analysis

  • Stock Option Analysis

  • Proposed 401(k) Asset Allocation

  • Employee Benefits Analysis

  • Retirement Planning Analysis and Recommendations

  • Estate Planning

  • Tax Planning

  • Insurance Analysis

  • Student Loan Analysis

  • Debt Repayment Plan

  • Savings Goals (New House, New Car, Travel, etc.)

  • Emergency Fund Analysis


4. Lastly, we will help empower your plan by tracking it over time using a number of helpful tools and resources     made available to you, and we make adjustments as needed as life changes. Keep me updated on what matters most to     you and I will help to keep you on track. Lets focus on those priorities as they may change over time. 

What Does This Look Like?

  • Scheduled sessions (typically twice per year, but this can vary depending on your goals) regarding your plan action items

  • Unlimited phone and email support- I'm only an email or phone call away!

  • Annual update to your plan based on progress made and changing circumstances

  • Accountability- I'll check in with you regularly to make sure that you are on pace to meet your goals

  • Review and rebalance your 401(k) investments twice a year.

  • Annual help with employee benefits optimization 

Cost: Initial upfront fee beginnning at $900

Ongoing annual fee beginning at $1,920 assessed monthly or quarterly.

Fees are based upon complexity of the client financial profile including, income, net worth, the depth of services to be provided through the engagement, assets that comprise your overall portfolio, number of accounts comprising the portfolio, time involved in the engagement, among other factors. 

Ready to have a conversation to learn more? 

Clarity Capital Management, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor in the State of Oregon. Prior to any advisory work conducted outside Oregon, Clarity Capital Management would become registered in that jurisdiction or qualify for an exemption or exclusion to the registration.


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