Financial Planning and Investment Management Services

You have to make financial decisions all the time that affect your life now and in the future. Employee benefits when you start a new job. What to do with your 401(k) when you leave a job. Figuring out how much to save. What to do with a bonus or stock options. All these decisions matter, and they can be overwhelming. How do you know if you’re making the right decision? Are you afraid you’re missing opportunities? Do you even know what your finances look like now, let alone the how each new decision will affect them?

We offer 3 financial planning services in addition to our Investment Management services to help address these and other questions. Click each below to learn more

Financial Planning Services

A targeted, one-time review to equip you to smartly manage your financial world going forward.

One Time Project Plan


Project Based Hourly Services to tackle specific planning needs or advice

Ongoing financial planning provides a comprehensive review of your financial world with ongoing advice.

Comprehensive and Ongoing Financial Planning
Hourly Services

Project based hourly financial planning services to tackle specific planning needs or advice.

Investment Management Services
Portfolio Management Services
Customized goals based portfolio allocations tailored to your goals and tolerance for risk.

Clarity Capital Management, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor in the State of Oregon. Prior to any advisory work conducted outside Oregon, Clarity Capital Management would become registered in that jurisdiction or qualify for an exemption or exclusion to the registration.


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